Professional Association Conferences

Trade associations play a critical role in their industries, by bringing together top companies, industry leaders, vendors, the media, and more. For many trade groups, the annual conference is their major initiative. Annual meetings provide opportunities for participants to advertise their companies, launch new products, showcase research and thought leadership, and network with their peers.

Organizing an association meeting often requires soliciting participation for a wide variety of industry stakeholders. Association conference planners rarely have the luxury of working on events full-time, and have to manage this intensive effort while balancing a demanding workload of other responsibilities. Tracking speaker submissions, gathering feedback on proposals from reviewers and the audience, and keeping track of an evolving schedule is challenging. Spreadsheets and emails just aren’t up to the task.

Association event planners and meeting managers can use Jiffy Events management software to:

  • Solicit panel suggestions and session proposals from anyone, without requiring a login
  • Create a customized workflow that allows you to approve, reject, or delete submissions with ease
  • Integrate the session review process into a single dashboard that minimizes hassles for busy reviewers
  • Involve your attendees by using audience-voting features to get feedback on panels
  • Use the software’s flexible interface – including pre-designed templates – to load approved sessions into an event schedule
  • Communicate with your speakers by email from within the software to let them know their session status, discuss logistics, and more
  • Integrate your speaker management and schedule with other event management software packages for expanded functionality

Are you ready to streamline your trade association meetings and event administration? Contact Jiffy Events today to arrange a free trial or discuss your needs with an experienced event technology consultant.