Getting Started with Jiffy Events

signup1. Create An Account

With Jiffy Events, you can start collecting submissions right now! Simply sign up for our trial account, and a simple submissions form will be automatically created for you. You can adjust the form if you like, or just start using it.

2. Collect Submissions

Yes, it really is that simple.  You may wish to upload a logo or change your form a little, or set up an extra email notification, but you don’t have to.  You’ve got a personalized, secure submissions form that’s ready to go.  Just share the URL and start collecting submissions right now.  Wait, you say your current submissions process is a bit complicated and you’d rather have someone set that up for you?  No problem.  We offer a FREE concierge setup service to get you going.  All you have to do is ask.

online submissions formNext Steps

When you’re ready, you can add your reviewer accounts, set up your scoring criteria, and all the rest.   Take it as slow or as fast as you like.  Have a look at the “How It Works” links on the right, for more detail on the submission and review process.