How It Works: For Reviewers

This is your submission list.

Jiffy Events provides an easy-to-use committee review solution. As a reviewer, you’ll see a clean, modern interface. It is easy to score submissions and enter review notes, and you won’t need to wrestle with another username & password that’s only used once a year.

1. Get Your Link

Look for an email from your conference organizers, with your custom review link. (Every reviewer receives their own, unique URL.) Click the link to get started.

2. View Your Submission List

You’ll be taken to the Jiffy system and you will see your review page. Information about the event (name, logo, etc) are at the top of the page, and you’ll see a list of submissions which are waiting for your review. Along the right side, you’ll see your review information, including your email address and the number of sessions assigned to you.

3. Score Your Sessions

         Viewing One Submission

Your assigned sessions are listed in boxes on your review page. Each submission is shown with the first few characters of the submission title, as well as a “score” link. You can click either one, to begin scoring.

When you click a submission, all of the information appears in a grey and white form on your screen. For longer submissions, you may need to scroll down to see all of the info, as well as the scoring criteria. Read over the submission and scroll down to the bottom “Scoring” section, to score.

You will see one or more scoring criteria listed. To score, select the response to each criteria that seems best to you. When you enter a score for each criteria, the background will turn green for that item. Click “Finished Scoring” to close this submission and return to your list. When you have scored a submission, it will turn green in your list. (If a submission is shown in yellow, you have only scored some of the criteria. That is, you have not scored it completely.) When your whole list is green, you’re finished.

4. Add Review Notes

Scoring a Submission

If desired, you can add comments on a submission using the “Reviewer Comments” button. Open a submission, and this is located just below the submission, and above the scoring criteria. Check with your conference organizers, to see whether your notes are kept private or will be shared with the submitter.

Next Steps

Once your scores have been collected, let the organizers know you’ve completed your review. If they have additional steps for you, they’ll let you know. Thank you for your help!