Committee Review

The Review Committee is an essential part of building your event’s speaker schedule, panels, and breakout sessions. Whether you’re running submissions by your company’s senior executives or getting help in session vetting by outside experts, it’s important that the process is as quick and painless as possible. Emailing submissions for review, using scoring spreadsheets, and consolidating feedback into a central database is time-consuming. It’s time to use the latest tools to update your process.

Using Jiffy Events, event planners are dramatically improving the experience of Review Committee members. Your reviewers can look at submissions without logging in and quickly share feedback. You’re able to quickly see where reviews are in process and the real-time status of the session feedback – without spending hours sending follow up emails and crunching numbers.

Happy Review Committees. Reviewers do their scoring through a nicely-designed web page.  Any reviewer with a current browser and an internet connection can score their submissions from anywhere, quickly and easily.  No login required!

simple online review software
Reviewers love the easy scoring and clean, simple interface.

Unlimited Reviewers. Easy to use if you have just one reviewer, or a team of thirty.  No additional fees if you have additional reviewers.  Just add their email address, and go.

No More Emailing Spreadsheets. Submission data is stored in the cloud, and available real-time.  Submissions flow easily from your online submissions form.

Flexible Assignments. Submissions are individually assigned, to provide maximum flexibility.  You can have every reviewer score different submissions, or assign each submission to three reviewers, or just have  everyone score everything.  Whatever your process, we’ll make it work!

Custom Scoring Criteria. Use as few or as many scoring criteria as you need.  Whether you want to give reviewers just a single criteria or score on multiple dimensions, you can configure it easily.  For example, you might use just one (“Overall Rating”) or several (“Authority of Speaker”, “Relevance of Topic”, “Quality of Submission”, “Would Attend”, etc).

committee review status report
Easy to see the current status of review, across the entire team.

Accessible Data. All review and score data can be exported to a standard data format (CSV) at any time.  It’s your data, after all.

Review Feedback. Each reviewer can submit notes about every submission.  These are kept private by default, but if you wish to share feedback with your submitters, we make it easy.

Status Reporting. Our integrated, cloud-based submission and review system gives you the ability to see how the review process is going, in real time.  See which reviewers have started, finished, or are partway complete.  View scoring trends, and dive in to the scoring details easily.

For more information on our committee review feature, including a walk-through of the process, see How It Works: Review.