Audience Voting

Today’s audiences don’t just want an event curated for them; they want to co-create the schedule to meet their needs and interests. There’s more pressure than ever before on event planners and sponsors to give attendees a voice in developing event schedules. Audience-led content modules are playing an important role in the Call for Speakers review process at many of the biggest and most exclusive events across industries.

Jiffy Events allows you access to this in-demand functionality – without a high price tag. Whether you’re interested in crowdsourcing panel sessions or you want immediate feedback from attendees on which speakers they’re interested in, the Jiffy Events audience voting module can help. Audience voting allows event organizers to let attendees taking a leading role in crafting event schedules.

online submissions with public voting
Public voting lets your audience select the submissions they like best.

Crowdsourced Content.  Give your audience a say.  With Jiffy Events, you can enable public voting on your submissions.  Voters get a clean, modern web-based interface for voting.  And they don’t need a login!

Simple Voting Interface. Users don’t need a username and password to vote, just their own unique URL.  You customize the messages they receive, letting them know when and where to vote.  Users can show all submissions, or filter to show just their votes.

Flexible Scoring. You choose the total number of votes available to each voter, as well as the total votes they can cast for a single submission.

Preventing Bias. We randomize the list for each user, so users aren’t always seeing the same items at the top of the list.  We also provide a public leaderboard view of all the votes cast, but not until a user has submitted their own votes.

online submissions public voting report
Real-time reporting gives you the top-rated submissions.

Real-Time Reporting. Voting reports show you the top-voted submissions, in real time.  Cloud-based tracking means your scoring reports are always up to date.

Public Leaderboard. After a user has submitted their votes, they can see how all the submissions stack up.  Give your users a view of which items are ranking high, but only after they’ve cast their own votes.

The Public Voting feature is independent of our Committee Review feature.  You can use either, or both.  For more information, see How It Works: Public Voting

Interested in learning more about how audience voting features can build engagement with your conference or event attendees? Contact Jiffy Events or sign up for our free trial to get started today.