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As a professional meeting planner, you have a full schedule. From handling the client meetings that are happening right now to planning future events, you’re likely managing the logistics on multiple conferences at once.

Vetting proposed session topics, handling speaker communications, and soliciting feedback from reviewers and attendees can result in hundreds of emails a week. It’s impossible to track everything; the best professional meeting planners know that the right event management software can keep them on track, while minimizing stress and administrative work. Instead of getting bogged down in the details, you’re able to focus on the high value activities that only you can deliver.

Jiffy Events provides an integrated toolset for professional event planners who want a reliable software partner that delivers event after event. Jiffy can be used across your events portfolio to:

  • Solicit panel suggestions and session proposals from anyone, without requiring a login
  • Create a customized workflow that allows you to approve, reject, or delete submissions with ease
  • Integrate the session review process into a single dashboard that minimizes hassles for busy reviewers
  • Involve your attendees by using audience-voting features to get feedback on panels
  • Use the software’s flexible interface – including pre-designed templates – to load approved sessions into an event schedule
  • Communicate with your speakers by email from within the software to let them know their session status, discuss logistics, and more
  • Integrate your speaker management and schedule with other event management software packages for expanded functionality

Are you ready to streamline your event administration business with event content management software? Contact Jiffy Events today to arrange a free trial or discuss your needs with an experienced event technology consultant.